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The ability to archive files is very important. First, it reduces the size of your files. Storage space is extremely important so consumers should protect as much as they can. Archiving and compression is one way this can be done. Another good thing archiving has is the ability to distribute files more easily. Since you are going to archive the files, all you have to do is send one file instead of a hundred. There are popular file compression software that you can use such as Winzip and Winrar, but Bandisoft’s Bandizip is undoubtedly an alternative to it, but PowerfulRight, the first impression you will achieve with this program is the fact that it is modern in design. It’s amazing that its installer is as elegant as the program itself. Bandizip has a blue-and-white color scheme very similar to Facebook Messenger, and its installer also has that color scheme. The installation process itself was quite quick and easy. The program took only a few seconds to set up. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); One minor problem with the installation process was that users would be redirected to Settings immediately after installing the program. For people who frequently use archives and file translators, it may not get lost. In fact, they may even appreciate this feature. However, for most people, this will certainly be confusing. Fortunately, new users don’t really have to change settings. If you are not comfortable changing any settings in case of damage and problems, you can click OK and you will still be able to use the program only, and ExtractionIve has never had a problem creating archive files with key industry hosts such as 7zip and Winrar, then Bandizip had high expectations on his shoulders. Fortunately, he delivered a solid performance. Compression is a very intuitive and simple process. On the first screen of the program there are only two buttons, Open Archive and New Archive. Obviously, if you want to create a new archive, click the appropriate button. In the new popup dialog box, add the files you need, and then click start. In the lower half of the dialog box there are a few settings you can edit to your liking, but if the compression is simple, tapping is not so easy. From the same boot screen, all users need to do is click Open Archive and select the archive they need. They will be able to browse files in the archive, and from the commands at the top of the screen they can choose to remove them, add files, delete them and more. Alternatively, users can access the archive using their file explorer and right-click on the file. Bandizip has an interesting feature where archive files are viewed in the right-click menu.

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