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CIA v. Bin Laden. 20 years after September 11 and 10 years after his death. The most comprehensive document ever issued by the Central Intelligence Agency on Osama bin Laden’s 10-year hunt. We interview former directors, CIA officers, military leaders, European intelligence officers, and the US Congress, who have played a direct role in hunting down and eliminating terrorist terrorists from around the world. Many of the people involved in bin Laden’s hunting and assassination did not want to share their stories yet. These quiet professionals, their families, or the organizations they served did not benefit from appearing in public. But together they decided that now was the time to record and re-record their stories before it was too late. As far as possible, we will allow the testimony of those who have been in direct contact with the former al-Qaeda leader. His family, lieutenants, soldiers – Some of them are now reconciled and talk about everyday life in training camps, fighting in the mountains and fearing American strikes. This story is also a way to better understand current issues in the Middle East. The roots of the war waged by Western nations against terrorism in Iraq and Syria were in al-Qaeda camps. It was there that those who would be leaders of the Islamic State for years were trained. Fist in: The CIA vs. Bin Laden tells the full, true, first story of one of the greatest movements in history.

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