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I would like to share with you a great program whose purpose is to completely protect the classified information on your computer from spying, you just need to download Folder Lock from our project, install the development, register it and then you can use everything available. characteristics. I hope the English interface isn’t too intimidating to you, it’s actually not that hard to figure it all out.

The software can hide the files you need with a few mouse clicks, you can select folders, you can even hide the entire drive. It’s also possible to encrypt data and set passwords, this way you like it more and are more reliable than you think. Development can encode the files you need in such a way that strangers sitting behind your computer won’t be able to access them, and that’s exactly what many need. For example, a child is sitting in front of your computer and you can store anything there, Folder Lock can solve this problem easily, or you may be a child and want to hide some files from your parents, in general everyone will find uses for themselves.

Note that the data you hide with this development will not be visible, either in safe mode or if you want to find files through an Explorer window, for example, it is also useless to try to find by searching, and if you protect the entire drive, errors will only appear when you select them. I myself have used this tool many times, of course it works well and actually protects the data perfectly, only if you forget your own password it will not be fun at all, so you have to be careful with such things.

I also like the moment, the developer writes that after a program encrypts a file, it makes it inaccessible to all types of viruses and spyware, because it has its own environment where access is denied. Finally, it is worth writing at this time, the application can also restrict access to various data on removable media, memory cards, disks and floppy disks. To access the file yourself, you just need to run the program and enter the correct password, after which you can easily work with the data in it. Here is one such program in front of you, I hope you will find it useful on the farm.

License: ShareWare

The language is English

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