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The open world action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action game developed by Rockstar North. The game is played from a third person perspective in an open world. In this single player story, you play Carl Johnson, also known as CJ, a former gang member who previously lived in Los Santos, San Andreas. He has returned to town to investigate his mother’s murder. But his plans were thwarted by corrupt police officers. How do you play GTA San Andreas? You must equip CJ with firearms, melee weapons, and vehicles to protect him from rival gang members and dangerous police. The Grand Theft Auto series is different from the mass-centric story in GTA: San Andreas. His story is about a former gangster who takes justice into his own hands. He tries to recreate his gang to bring down the man who shot his mother. This forces CJ to return to a life of crime. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); This criminal act is necessary for you to resolve if you are to establish the power of CJ as the leader of the group. Completing assignments is also key to accessing facilities, rural areas, and surrounding cities. Following the story is required to unlock in-game content, but can be completed at your own pace. This means that there are no roaming requirements in the game environment. If you opt out of the original story, you can take part in side quests. This can be as common as driving a cab or as crazy as robbing a bank. Risky side missions can help you earn more money and skills, but they can also impress the authorities. To avoid capture, you can exit the side quest and find a place to hide. In addition to stealth, San Andreas also has an element of role play. You can buy clothes, accessories, cut your own, and even get jewelry. Grand Theft Auto: The San Andreas game is a classic item of GTA movie scenes, various missions and many mini-games that are scattered in a freely moving sandbox world. What defines this game more than anything is the scale. It’s very ambitious, in very good shape with three capitals and a rural view. Your appearance will affect other characters; The perception of recruits, allies, and other non-playable characters depends on how CJ looks. It is also important to take care of CJ’s physical health. You need to give him time to eat and exercise. You can do this by leading him to a restaurant and walking around town. You really play as a character and you recognize it and you return to his Los Santos house after five years. The campaign is huge: the story from Stuff To Wealth may not be very original, but it is told with excellent acting and lots of memorable and fun characters. There are a few points where the game will be frustrating for some people. Rural racing cars, for example, can be quite slippery and also form Carl’s lungs for swimming underwater. The uncomplicated and flexible game Grand Theft Auto: SanAndreas combines rewarding challenges and creative improvisation. You follow the course of the game by switching from one mission to another mission. The tasks gradually became more difficult, but paid off. Completed missions help you earn weapons, skins, and money. At the same time, you can see the plot develop into an action movie. If the heinous crime feels boring, you can leave the main story and go on a side quest.

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