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GI 2: Covert Strike is a first person shooting game developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Codemasters. In IGI 2: Hidden Strike, you play as the elite agent David Jones who works for the Geotactical Intelligence Institute to prevent the escalation of the Third World War. The game has 19 missions in total, and the player can take several paths to complete each one. Depending on the style of the people playing, IGI 2: Hidden Strike can be played with theft or with a gun action. The game supports single and multiplayer campaigns, so if you just want to enjoy the story or challenge your friends, IGI 2: Covert Strike has what you play Once you launch for the first time, you’ll find something missing: training mode. This will set the game settings for the challenge. All you have to do is start the game again until you find it. [Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); . You can even crawl through the battlefield and still have a chance to be shot. This makes crime even more important; use your weapons and disguise to get ahead of your FPS opponents. Your offensive strategy can take time; Use decency as an advantage to achieve mission goals – or at least maintain a health level. IGI 2 artificial intelligence is good. For example, they divide the insect camp into groups. One will take the angles to your corner and the other will find the bird’s eye space and view. Regardless of their position, they become weak at shooting. You may be found with a gun or face to face with the M16A2, and they will find a way to block your shots. However, those who meet their end will find it scary and fast. Instead, it collapses badly. Management functions leave much to be desired. For example, moving from a position to a low set takes a few seconds but does not involve moving water. It looked as though the camera had crashed to the ground. The developers seemed to be missing out on another important point: crawling. FPS games will not take place if they die without crawling as a viable strategy. It’s also a step coming from real-life veterans. So just make your head spin think about why it’s missing. However, the controls are easy to follow and respond to. You will find the telescope useful and powerful. In fact, binoculars not only provide a wide view of objects, but also provide a warm view. This will be useful when you’re looking for enemies hiding in hits and missiIGI 2: Hidden Strike failed to be a continuation of breakthrough. The victory will be painful as you have spent most of your time winning sports and quirks. Overall, the game lags far behind its creative and comprehensive rivals like Splinter Cell. However, it builds it into a fighting game.

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