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Most Popular Internet Browser Internet Explorer 9 is a remake of Microsoft’s most popular browser. Building on the success of previous versions of IE with new services and features, Microsoft has high hopes for a version you’ll see first that’s a redesigned user interface. IE 9 uses more image transparency Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows Vista and looks smoother, smarter, and simpler than ever. As with Google Chrome, the address bar and the search field are integrated to create a simple and transparent user (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); New services in Internet Explorer 9 include better integration with the Windows operating system and a highly compromised security system. IE 9 also allows you to “paste” websites into a superbar and mark your favorite websites as “applications” in your operating system. The new Performance Advisor plug-in detects add-ons that slow down Internet Explorer (an essential service in Mozilla Firefox). Internet Explorer 9 also offers improved speed and performance, as well as better compliance with web standards and new technologies. IE 9 fully supports HTML 5 (a new generation of media-rich sites use this language) and currently completes the near-full Acid-3 and 95/100 test. New features like paused updating and InPrivate filtering make Internet Explorer a more consistent and secure web experience than most. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is faster and better than its predecessors – and in fact challenges its competition. Warning: Browser battles have been restarted.

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