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Macrorit Disk Scanner is a smart bad sector scanning software that allows you to quickly test disks and mark the location of bad disks. “Bad sectors” are the most common hard drive problem. A bad sector is a small group of data on your hard drive that is unreadable. Hard drives with bad sectors mean that the drive is not safe for data storage; it will eventually lead to loss of important data from hard drive or partition as well as active files errors and hard drive speed will slow down significantly and blue screen errors may also occur.

Most important features:

– New! Full support for Windows 10.

– New! Upgrade to the popular Windows 8 / Office 2013 UI.

– New! Full support for 512 byte / 1K / 2K / 4K sector sizes.

– New! Bug fixed in the previous version. (1. Memory access error on WINPE; 2. The main problem is in the editing area; 3. The software window cannot be closed during the long scanning process.)

– New! Added a splash screen, a more user-friendly interface.

– New! Added Mobile Edition for Windows, automatically saves log files to desktop.

– Support for checking and scanning entire drives, partitions and free space.

– Support to select/specify disk/partition to scan only. (Time-saving scanning method)

– Support for automatic shutdown of the computer after scanning is completed.

– The scan results are automatically saved to the specified location.

– Scan discs at super fast speed.

– Mark the healthy sectors in green and the defects in red.

– Small mobile device, 100% clean, safe, spyware free, adware free, virus free.

– Force to disable or stop the scanning process is supported. NO danger to the computer.

– Supported storage devices: DE HDD, SATA HDD, SCSI HDD, FireWire HDD, SSD, USB HDD, External HDD, Hardware RAID, Floppy drive, USB flash drive, Compact flash card, Secure Digital Card, Memory Card / Memory stick, Micro cards , Zip drives, iPods, other storage devices

– Supported OS: Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, SBS 2003, 2008, 2011,2012, Home Server 2011 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (both 32 64 bit)

  1. Macrorit Disk Scanner 4 Download Torrent
  2. Macrorit Disk Scanner 4 torrent