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Very simple logo programming environment MSWLogo is a rare logo-based programming environment that was originally based on LISP and was designed for training, but the great advantage of the logo is that because it was created for training, it is remarkably easy to learn. This is a good introduction to programming for children or those who want to start programming. This is not boring either – although graphs and graphs are its main application, you can use the function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}) to create games or applications with MSWLogo; The MSWLogo interface is about as simple as it gets – it’s actually a bit like using MS Basic yourself. There are many tutorials and even video instructions to get you started with the logo, so you can create your own square or diagram – a great way for beginners and children to start programming, but it is so limited and rarely used that you will find it does not go that far.

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