SimLab Composer 10 64-Bit

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Simlab Composer is a completely, simple, affordable and rich solution that allows you to easily communicate your 3D views. Start with any 3D model and keep it alive with SimLab Composer for use in marketing, guidelines, guides, customer feedback, education and more.


Exhibition building:

– Search by name


– Simple animation options (ease of uninstallation, login and ease of automation).

– New animation time animation tools: enter the name of the object, go to the previous / next main box and select all the buttons in the Animation Clock row.

– (Improvement) Better design of animation tool for animation clock.


– Added support for SimLab 360s network technology.

– Extra Light Bake Support (Light Bake is similar to Mixed Bake, but gives the user the ability to change the material of the item).

– Additional support for sunlight

– Added support for sun protection, which the user can enable or disable.

– Added help for list display options (list)

– (Improvement) Better visibility of the team

– (Enhancement) Better navigation: Improved smooth camera and mouse movement in rotation mode.

– (Improvement) Attractive message frames.

– (Improvement) Camera transition between exhibition countries


– Added support for list view options (list).


– SimLab 360s Grid technology for SimLab Free VR Viewer, SimLab FREE AR / VR Mobile Viewer and HTML / WebGL: upload and move between 360 degree images.

– Create a video: Watch videos in SimLab FREE VR Viewer and SimLab FREE AR / VR Mobile Viewer.

-Event Response System: SimLabs System-An event response system used for endless possibilities in your virtual reality experience, which also includes location-based stimuli.

– Virtual Reality Training- A state-based machine system likely to be used in your VR experience, which also includes location-based stimuli.

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