Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021 Download

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Enable the paste addition to remove or remove Windows Defender and Windows Update

System: Windows 10 Lite – Pr Activated With Digital License

Vers: 2009. – 20H2


Modality: PT-BR

Architecture: x64

BIOS: UEFI inherited


Credits: Rurielson Ribeiro

Hash file


MD5: 74E636E753EA018315CCEC13E129780F

SHA-1: 0509A8437DBE2F32541FCB4FF4AC681B59248CDE


H – network frame,

H – Windows Defender

Protocol H – SMB1

H – Play live

Modern user interface applications

M – Microsoft Store

R – Cortana

M – Windows Calculator

Accessories access the Windows Convenience Store

R – Automatic Maintenance

A – Update at any time

R – Character map

R – Input Method Editor

A – Private character editor

A – Narrator

R – Recorder Pass

R – Tablet PC (math entry disease)

A: Contact Windows

A – Easy transfer running Windows

Red multimedia

A: Integrated lock

R – Telemetry

A: Shared computer

R – OneDrive

A – Fast Assist

R – Comments for Forar


D – Contact information: allows access as available contact information

D – Contact information – Permission to use in the menu, there is an image

Contact information

D – Activity history: Remove the Windows system from the collection of my activities

D – Activity history: Download Windows to sync my activities with new ones

D – Secondary plan application: permission to use in the secondary program executive program

D – Suggestions and diagnosis: send us diagnostic information

D – Tips and Diagnosis: Send digital and Microsoft information

D – Suggestions and diagnosis: send feedback

D – Public: Allowed applications use me as a public identifier for experimental applications


D – Windows Update

H – Windows Defender

R – Telemetry

R – Windows Insider

D – Discover the DevQuery financing plan

D – Hotspot on Windows Mobile

D – fax


D – Check the controls

D – Telephone

D: Compare data with Windows Media Player

  1. Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021 torrent download
  2. Windows 10 Pro x64 pt-BR Lite MAR 2021 Torrent